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Product Messaging Guide

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Convert more customers with a resonating value proposition

- Do you want to increase your website conversion?

- Do you want to lower your CaC?

- Do you want people to understand the value of your product?

If you said "Yes" at least once, I can help you.

For 6 years, I experimented with products and noticed one thing. A clear value proposition with a resonating copy can change everything.

If your message doesn't connect, you don't sell your product.

Your startup cannot achieve product-market fit before achieving message-market fit first.

Your ad campaign must be scaled after you have determined which specific messages resonate with your target audience. Spending money on campaigns with untested messaging is likely to waste most of it.

But it's not just about writing a good copy. It's also about research.

You learn about the audience -> you create a narrow value proposition -> you create a copy for your product

It's not something magical at all. To make it real you just need to know some rules: how to do messaging research, how to get ideas from users and social proofs, and so on.

All this I share in a guide on product messaging.

What you will learn

🚀 5 critical mistakes with copy that can ruin your sales

🚀 What will help you to convert visitors into users

🚀 How to conduct Messaging Research

🚀 How to create a value proposition

🚀 How to form a messaging hierarchy

🚀 How to choose copy length

🚀 How to make your copy really catchy

How to get the guide

First, choose the right version for you.

If you want to learn about product messaging by yourself, pick the first one.

If you want me to consult you to get faster results, choose the second one.

After the payment, you will get the guide and the link to my calendar.

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Product Messaging Guide

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